HRCH Blackwater’s Dream Catcher (Yellow Female)
Registration: SR57564607 (AKC) Birthdate: July 18 2009 HIPS: LR-199825F37F-VPI ELBOW: LR-EL56166F37-VPI CERF NORMAL: 2010,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 EIC: Clear CNM: Clear Pedigree: Click here   exit-icon Ell has a special place in our hearts because she was born with us and never left. I co-owned Ell's dam Gracie. She was out of two QAA parents. We bred Gracie to Finn Blackwater's Last Resort and before the puppies went home Finn had became an FC. Ell was my pick and she lives up to the hype. She is an awesome hunting dog and moves thru the field with such grace. When it comes to retrieving and finding down birds, she is a bit of a bird hog. Last season she was unstoppable and tracked a bird for over 100 yards. She found some very smart very alive wild roosters that wouldn’t have been found without her great nose. My dad wanted to keep using her as a blocking dog after she came back with a rooster that went down about 300 yards away that the blockers didn’t think they hit. I was walking the field and I could see her watching the bird and as soon as it started going down she took off like a rocket. On the last day of the season, I shot a rooster that didn’t go down. It just hovered out of reach but she was determined and fought thru the snow and stuck with it until she could grab it. While duck hunting she is steady and quiet, waiting for a bird to go down. She never gives up on those wounded diving ducks and she sticks with it until she comes back with it or you call her off. She is one of the most graceful and athletic dogs I have ever seen. She is fast and fun to watch with great style and awesome training attitude. She doesn’t care if she is running pattern blinds, picking up marks with birds or if you throw her a few fun bumpers. Ell just wants to do something and if she decides she isn’t done she will pull a bird or bumper out of the bucket wanting more. Ell is a beautiful light yellow with a well proportioned build only about 50 lbs. Ell has her HRCH (Finished) title despite the limited amount of training she gets. Like her sire Ell is a statue on the line. I attribute a lot of her success to her never quit training attitude as well as her excellent marking and memory.   This is something you can't teach because they either have IT or they don't and she has IT.  She is great with kids, other dogs and has a great off switch. She is very loving and wants to be close to you so she doesn’t miss an opportunity to cuddle.