HR BBD’s Liv’n the Dream (Yellow Male)
Registration: SR15130407 (AKC) Birthdate: February 16 2004 HIPS: LR-177821G55M-PI DNA Profile: V758176 CERF NORMAL: 2009,2012,2013,2014,2015 EIC: Clear CNM: Carrier Pedigree: Click Here   exit-icon   Jack changed it all for me, I've hunted since I was old enough and I really enjoyed big game hunting in my teens and twenty's but when I stumbled in to Thad Lambert from Round Lake Kennels at the sportsman show and put a deposit down on a yellow male puppy sired by FC Cosmo's Concerto Charlie, it changed my life forever. Now bird hunting is my passion and what I look forward to. I had no idea how good of a dog I was getting. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I learned there is nothing like hunting with a great dog that has an excellent nose, unstoppable drive and marking ability second to none. He is getting older now (12) and white in the face but he is still a good looking boy. Jack has a tall lean athletic frame and he has lived his entire life around 75-80 lbs of solid muscle.  This old boy can still hold his own in the pheasant field, pointing and flushing wild roosters, making retrieves and finding down birds. The last weekend of the year a month before Jack turned (11) we were hunting one side of a tree belt. When we got to the end there were still guys working thru the cattails and grass on the other side of the trees. They were shooting so Jack headed into the action and I followed him. After everyone else had gotten thru the field and were standing on the road, I proceeded to knock down three roosters, two of them Jack pointed and flushed. Being that they were late season wild roosters none of them went down and stayed down he ended up having to chase after all three of them. Even at (12) Jack still has so much prey drive that he will head into a cold pond chasing ducks and geese thinking he’s going to catch one. Jack has made a living off of running down wounded pheasants, swimming after lively honkers, diving after ducks and finding birds no other dog could find. Jack had a late start in the hunt test game starting his career at (7) when he got his HR (Seasoned) title. That fall after his HR title he injured his shoulder hunting and had it operated on. However, it didn't recover as well as we hoped so he was retired from hunt tests and saved for what he loves best HUNTING. He is great with kids, other dogs and has a great off switch. When it’s time to come in he lays down crosses his front legs and waits for whatever comes next.